About Us

Gregory Duncan’s interest in high-performance building began while working on a deep-energy retrofit of an office building in Hamburg, Germany in 1996. He returned to the United States to obtain a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Working in New York and New Jersey since 2000, he has devoted himself to improving the comfort, healh, and energy efficiency of buildings.

He is a Registered Architect in New York and New Jersey, a Certified Passive House Designer, and principal of Duncan Architect pllc.

Duncan Architect designs comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient buildings.
We help developers and homeowners create spaces that meet their specific needs.

Our consulting work includes

     Passive House
     Thermal Bridging Analysis
     Air Tightness

Our architectural work includes

     Apartment Buildings
     Single Family
     Small Commercial
     New Construction
     Historic Preservation

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